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Technology helps achieve the summit of your dental success with:

Carestream 9000 3D Cone beam (CT scan)

Benefits of 3D x-ray

3D x-Ray provides the dentist, with the most detailed information for a more accurate diagnosis and more precision in the treatment. 3D x-ray provides you with a more complete view of the facial anatomy from almost every angle and perspective that you would never see with 2D images. The fact that the patients’ 3D x-ray images allows the patients to understand better their treatment plan.

3D x-ray is quick and easy: in only 10 seconds, we will acquire a complete overview of the oral, jaw and dental area of the patient by means of a quick scan. You can use this precise and much more comprehensive information to advise your patients even better than before.

DEKA CO2 Dental and Diode laser

We know that your first priority is always to provide relief for patients in pain. We understand that giving the patient a comfortable experience in the dental chair will keep them coming back for years to come.

Depending on the application or procedure you may use, the laser is the ideal tool for your practice. Whether the laser is being used for a long period of time or only for brief moments, it will provide superior dental health care and outstanding comfort to your patients. Even those procedures that necessitate only a small amount of laser use profit from the advantages of laser therapy. Using DEKA’s CO2 technology bleeding is minimized, swelling is controlled, and there is usually little, if any, postoperative discomfort.

Our lasers are used for an enormous number of treatment procedures. You will provide the highest level of patient care available anywhere. Your patients will quickly see the benefits of this patient-friendly technology versus the traditional treatment methods. Dentists using our lasers have patients referring others to them because of the many advantages of this exciting new technology.


  • Incisions
  • Excisions
  • Frenectomy
  • Gingivectomy
  • Pressures sores
  • Periodontal treatment
  • Abscess sterilization
  • Uncovering of implants
  • Crown lengthening
  • Aphtheous ulcers
  • Lichen planus
  • Mucocele
  • Pulp capping
  • Pits and fissures
  • Fibromas

T-Scan gathers raw data for TMJ and TMD problems

The T-Scan® is a diagnostic device that measures relative biting forces, including occlusal force, timing and location and is an ideal instrument for advanced TMJ and TMD problems.

Air Abrasion

Air abrasion is a drill-less technique that is being used by some dentists to remove tooth decay and for other applications.

How Does Air Abrasion Work?

During air abrasion, an instrument that works like a mini sandblaster is used to spray away decay. During air abrasion, a fine stream of particles is aimed at the decayed portion of the tooth. These particles are made of silica, aluminum oxide, or a baking soda mixture and are propelled toward the tooth surface by compressed air or a gas that runs through the dental handpiece. Small particles of decay on the tooth surface are removed as the stream of particles strikes them. The particles of decay are then "suctioned" away through a thin tube.

  • Air abrasion generates no heat, sound, pressure, or vibration.
  • Air abrasion reduces the need for anesthesia, particularly if the cavity is shallow.
  • Air abrasion leaves much more of the healthy tooth tissue behind.
  • Air abrasion leaves the working area relatively dry, which is an advantage during the placement of composite fillings.
  • Air abrasion reduces the risk of fracturing and chipping of the tooth, which some dentists believe can affect the life span of the filling.
  • Air abrasion allows the dentist to treat multiple sites in the mouth during a single visit.
  • The procedure is relatively simple and quick.

The Powertome improves the tooth removal process for the doctor and patient by providing greater control for the doctor during extractions. This innovative tool is an automated pertiotome that offers extremely precise tooth extraction with minimal or no alveolar bone loss. The surgery can be flapless, so patients may experience reduce pain and swelling. Because bone loss is minimized, healing occurs faster, which often allows for immediate placement of implants. The automated system also reduces concern for fracture of lingual bone or buccal plate. This translates into less chair time and faster recovery for the patient.

L-PRF- Uses patient’s own blood for enhanced healing

L-PRF System has proven to be a safe and rapid preparation of autologous leukocyte-platelet rich fibrin (L-PRF). L-PRF is mixed with autograft and/or allograft bone prior to application to a bony defect for improving handling characteristics. It is indicated but not limited to extraction sockets, sinus and dental ridge augmentation procedures, palatal defects and maxillary bone atrophy.

L-PRF can be easily fabricated chairside by using the FDA cleared Intra- Spin™ System and a simple protocol. Every component of the Intra-Spin™ System, including the Xpressions™ Fabrication Kit, has been optimized to ensure proper biocompatibility and clinical performance for graft delivery.

Certified Phlebotomists on site

Phlebotomists are medical professionals who draw blood from patients for various lab tests and procedures. Nurses also commonly perform phlebotomy, and hospitals and medical offices will often hire additional staff who are trained in phlebotomy.

Conscious sedation

Conscious sedation is a combination of medicines to help you relax (a sedative) and to block pain (an anesthetic) during a medical or dental procedure. You will probably stay awake but may not be able to speak.

Conscious sedation lets you recover quickly and return to your everyday activities soon after your procedure.

IV sedation

Intravenous Sedation ("Twilight Sedation")

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery offices offer their patients the option of Intravenous Sedation or Dental Intravenous Anesthesia or to some it is referred to as "Twilight Sedation" for their dental treatment. Intravenous Sedation or "twilight sleep" helps you to be comfortable and calm when undergoing dental procedures. Your treatment can be completed under intravenous sedation. Intravenous sedation or "IV sedation” (twilight sedation) is designed to better enable you to undergo your dental procedures while you are very relaxed; it will enable you to tolerate as well as not remember those procedures that may be very uncomfortable for you. IV sedation will essentially help alleviate the anxiety associated with your treatment. You may not always be asleep but you will be comfortable, calm and relaxed, drifting in and out of sleep – a "twilight sleep”.

If you choose the option of intravenous sedation your IV sedation/anesthesia is administered and monitored by an Oral Surgeon, or anesthesiologist, therefore eliminating the costly expense of having your treatment carried out in an operating room or same day surgical facility.

Superior implant systems

HIOSSEN, Inc. was established in Pennsylvania in 2006 as a subsidiary of Osstem Implant. Osstem Implant is leading the Asian-Pacific market with the largest market share and ranked one of the top five implant companies on the globe.

HIOSSEN Inc. produces a wide variety of implants at the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Fairless Hills, PA. The quality implants are exported to more than 20 different countries in Europe and Asia.

All on 4, 6 or 8.

The technique for total rehabilitation of the edentulous, known as the All-on-4® treatment concept, is a surgical prosthetic medical procedure. The concept was developed, institutionalized and systematically analyzed in the 1990s through studies funded by Nobel Biocare in collaboration with a Portuguese dentist Paulo Malo. It consists of the rehabilitation of the edentulous maxilla and mandible with fixed prosthesis by placing four implants in the anterior maxilla, where bone density is higher, allowing the highest success rate. The four implants support a fixed prosthesis with 12 to 14 teeth and it is placed immediately on the day of surgery. All-on-4® is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare.

Superior Lab that gets us to the peak

We have one goal. We want to be your dental laboratory by offering you advanced technology, un-compromised service and reliability, a community of support and one of the finest, creative, technical teams in the dental industry. With an expanded ownership and management team, our laboratory has the means, the talent and the commitment to be your comprehensive laboratory resource for better dentistry.

Our Dental Summit Goals:


Percent Happy Smiles


Percent Patient Satisfaction


Percent Patient Comfort

Our Team

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About Dr. Berg

I was born and raised in Murray, Utah. I graduated from the University of Utah with a BA degree in Biology, then off to the prestigious Washington University in St. Louis Missouri earning a DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) degree, and have been practicing in Midvale since 1976. I served a mission for the LDS Church, in Peru, South America and learned to speak Spanish. I am the Father of four girls and 1 boy.

A few things you may not know about me are, I was the dentist for the Utah Jazz basketball team for 15 years, and almost earned a NBA championship ring when the team played Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls for the championship.

With permission from some of the interesting people I have associated with over the years are Frank Laydon, the Utah Jazz coach, Gary Player the golfer from South Africa, Mohammed Ali, the great boxer, Tanya Tucker the singer, and many wonderful patients from all over.

I enjoy fishing, especially in Alaska, and skiing. I loved golf until I got tired of chasing the ball in the weeds and ponds. One of my greatest passions, besides religion, is dentistry and helping patients achieve their goals. I have mastered many advanced skills since dental school, and I love today’s great technology.

Before dental school I was a computer operator and worked on the IBM model 20, which was as large as a car and had cards that had to be collated before manfully inputting into the system. I think of our tiny cell phones of today and the capacity of them that are a thousand times greater than the IBM of 1969. I am a member of the American Dental Association, Utah Dental Association and am a founding member of the Dental Coop of Utah.

have a superb office staff including all certified dental assistants, two full-time certified dental hygienists, two nationally certified phlebotomists (blood drawers), and office coordinator and office manager both having over 37 years’ experience. I welcome you to our practice.

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